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6. Waltz of the Vindictive

7. Magical Caravan

8. The Holy Messenger

9. To Rosaline

10. When Love is Far Away

1. Dance of the Frigid Night

2. The Dreamer's Waltz

3. Maguire's Revelation

4. Death's Final Waltz

5. Reoccurring Madness

Magical Caravan contains the first series of piano sonatas composed by Ordovich.  The songs were recorded on an out-of-tune piano, giving it a haunting and mysterious quality.  

      This record was written during an exciting time when Ordovich began to rekindle his love affair for the piano.  The compositions were inspired by influences ranging from French minimalism to the theatrical dance of 19th ce. vaudeville.  

      Because of it's cinematic qualities, Magical Caravan is the ideal soundtrack for those introspective moments, especially times when the emotional stakes are high.



Ordovich, Album Cover, Magical Caravan, 2010
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