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13. Intermission, the Scarlet Star, No. 2, Op. 7

14. A Matter of Time

15. Broken Mind, Broken Heart

16. Stranded

17. Punch In, Punch Out

18. The Landlord

19. Letter to the Working Man

20. The Eve of Upheaval

21. Under the Burning Sun

22. My Army

23. Dice

24. Finale, the Scarlet Star, No. 3, Op. 7

1. Overture, the Scarlet Star, No. 1, Op. 7

2. The Pauper's Prelude

3. Scholastic Machine

4. Long Wavy Hair

5. Medicine Man

6. Ranks of the Unemployed

7. Factory Machines

8. Hat & Uniform

9. Going to be a Soldier

10. Boot Camp Choir

11. Similar Fate

12. Cannon Fodder


Under the Burning Sun is Ordovich's first Redgrass Opera.  In fact, it may even be the only Redgrass Opera with a style that blends country music with radical political ideology.  But, don't be fooled, the record contains a dynamic musical palate, with styles ranging from rock & roll to metal.

      The album was written for the theatrical stage as a musical dealing with a man's struggle to establish a utopian existence.  Divided into two separate parts, the first half deals with a man's tragic demise, whereas the second half portrays the man rising back from the ashes towards his dream ~ the quintessential hero's journey.




Ordovich, Album Cover, Under the Burning Sun, 2009
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