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10. Evening's Terror

11. Without a Grip

12. Generous Maguire

13. Wretched World (Ft Genevieve Liberté)

14. Cobble Tree Street

15. Lama King

16. The Duel

17. Revolution Boogie

1. Hanging

2. Foreboding Challenge

3. Patient Man

4. Maguire's Revenge

5. Quest for the Scarlet Sands

6. Just One Thing

7. From the Cosmos

8. The Reds

9. Authority


Ordovich, Album Cover, Brothers of Bella, 2011

Brothers of Bella is a musical based on Maguire's quest for revenge against a ruthless sheriff responsible for eradicating his family.  The music was composed for stage ~ the second theatrical record in Ordovich's collection.  

      Musically, the album adheres to a vaudevillian style, heavily based on piano and other traditional instrumentation.  Lyrically, on the other hand, the tale assumes a theme with heavy noir elements that are inspired directly by the current political climate of the southwestern United States. 

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