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8. The Grand Overture

9. Butcher's Gavel

10. Betrayal of Spirit

11. Grand Epilogue

12. New Chapters

13. To Rosaline

1. Magical Caravan

2. ...& Thus They Roam

3. Faded Photographs

4. Peculiar Sentiments

5. Wisdom of No Escape

6. Conquest of Blood

7. The Holy Messenger

Legends of the Apocalypse is a collection of Ordovich's first symphonic works and piano concertos designed specifically for cinema.  

      The style of this record plays on traditional European classical and early 20th ce. avant guard.  The compositions maintain a balance between the whimsical intrigue of "Magical Caravan" and the emotional chaos of "Butcher's Gavel", allowing this record to elicit the entire dynamic of the human spirit, not to mention one's imagination.



Ordovich, Album Cover, Legends of the Apocalypse, 2012


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