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9. Scat Prophet

10. One of These Days

11. I Didn't Mean To

12. Grains of Sand

13. Cigarettes

14. Some Fields

15. You Are Free

1. Black Gold

2. The Preacher

3. Mommy Dearest

4. Vigilante

5. Miss Eagle Claw

6. Sweat Shop Boogie

7. War Across the Water

8. I'd Never Fallen in Love

The Pandemonium is the first collection of Ordovich's solo work.  The musical styles range from folk rock to garage punk, with themes of love, revenge, and political upheaval.  

      This record also features "The Preacher", Ordovich's sharpest criticisms of religion and the established order.  Not to mention, that this is the first time "War Across the Water" was featured on record.



Ordovich, Album Cover, The Pandemonium, 2008
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