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O’er the Water's Edge is the latest concept album by Ordovich.  The 27-track record was written, recorded, and produced in 2013 by Ordovich on the island of Dominica.  The album contains tracks featuring Ananda Krishna Röösli and the Rainbow Family, as well as lyrics by  Genevieve Liberté.

     Styles range from gypsy punk, to electronic metal.  The story is written in a humor noir style inspired by voyages throughout the West Indies and C. America.  All artwork and instrumentation was produced by Ordovich, unless otherwise noted.



1. To the Yucatan

2. Werewolves of the Perigee

3. Fer Ever

4. Letters in a Box

5. Halo of Flies

6. Ananda Goes to Cuba

7. They Say She's Portuguese

8. War Across the Water

9. Shoot the Messenger

10. ...Meanwhile in Cuba

11. Reflections of a Man

12. I Will Agree

13. She's in Love, but She Ain't Your Woman

14. But She's the Woman I Love

15. The Italians (Ft Ananda Krishna Röösli)

16. If I Wanted

17. Cockroach Tango

18. Cockroach Cookbook

19. Because...I'm a Doctor

20. ...In the Beginning

21. Place in My Heart

22. Middleham Mist

23. The Gathering (Ft the Rainbow Family)

24. I Shall Never Touch Land Again

25. Poison Potion (Lyrics by Genevieve Liberté)

26. Everything Was Real...Everything Was Imaginary

27. Solar Flair


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