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In October of 2011, actress Genevieve Liberté and Ordovich drove from Portland, Oregon to Sedona in search of the illustrious spiritual vortex. After a long, arduous journey through old abandoned high-mountain mining towns and a vehicle on the brink of breaking down, they finally arrived at their destination: Cathedral Rock. Seated near a winding river, Genevieve, asked if Ordovich wanted to pull a card from her brand-new tarot deck. Reaching into the velvety satchel, he posed the question, “Why did we come here?” Ordovich stared blankly at the card when Genevieve asked, “Do you see what I see? This is precisely where we are standing!” She was right, the image depicted where we had been meditating for the past 4 hours: a tortuous river, a yellow grassy embankment, a large red hoodoo mountain piercing the blue skies above. The only thing missing was the knight on horseback. But he wasn’t missing at all. We were the knight of cups, embarking on the spiritual journey to the red sands of Sedona.





Sedona Postcard by Ordovich
Junipers of Jupiter by Ordovich
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