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While living in the West Indies, Ordovich embarked on a journey to various regions around the world in pursuit of the truth behind the Voynich Manuscript, the most mysterious book ever written.  The story begins with a dream in December 2011, introducing imagery found in the manuscript, and ends in December 2012 in the town of Pelenque, Mexico during the end of the Mayan Calendar Celebration.  


The travels took place during his time in medical school.  Instead of keeping a written log of the experiences, Ordovich instead turned them into pen and ink sketches: 58 sketches to be exact, all drawn on boats, planes, trains, and buses.  While recounting the tales to friends, they observed in amazement, insisting that he seek to publish the material.  It has been an ongoing process, putting the work together while finishing his academic pursuits, which will be coming to an end in 2015.  This debut publication, will be the first in a long series of fantasy travel literature.




Meridian Quest Book Cover by Ordovich
Meridian Quest the French Islands by Ordovich
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