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During his expeditions to the New World, Christopher Columbus reported witnessing mermaids in the West Indian ocean, stating that they  weren’t  nearly “half as beautiful as they were painted”.  Clearly, Captain Columbus had questionable taste, for there is nothing more striking than the embodiment of the divine feminine.  And like other goddess-figures, mermaids are said to be the harbingers of chaos, bringing with them storms, shipwrecks, and unexplained disaster.  Regardless, mermaids have a love so deep that if brought to tears, they are capable of filling entire oceans.  It is no wonder why explorers have been infatuated with these creatures for centuries, inspiring men to open their imaginations towards magnificent heights.  Today, we have reached those heights, giving rise to an entirely new era.  And with a new era comes a new inspiration for the adventurous spirit: the Electric Mermaid. 





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Electric Mermaid International by Ordovich logo stamp emblem
When Mermaids Cry They Make Oceans by Ordovich art illustration painting postcard
Made In BROOKLYN by Ordovich NYC, New York stamp illustration

Significance of the Mermaid

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