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The Illustrative Process


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The illustrative process involves multiple mediums.  Generally, an illustration will begin with a pencil sketch, which is then inked in and then uploaded into Photoshop where the final production takes place, i.e. colors, shadows, highlights, & textures.  This is how the Meridian Quest was made, out in the field, on buses, boats, trains, & airplanes.  Fully digital illustrations are first rendered in Illustrator, with the final touches being made in Photoshop.  Each illustration takes roughly 1 week to produce from the beginning to it’s final product, of course depend on the level of detail.  Feel free to visit the official RedBubble page to view the entire catalog of available works and products!

Meridian Quest Part I by Ordovich
Meridian Quest Part I by Ordovich
Meridian Quest Part I by Ordovich
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