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Ordovich's Room, Art, Illustration, Painting, Animation, GIF, Music, Literature, Bookshelf, Piano, Absinthe, Portrate, Antique, Victorian
Electric Mermaid International Ordovich logo stamp emblem West Indies
Electric Mermaid International by Ordovich logo stamp emblem Dominica West Indies

The bulk of Ordovich’s creative work stem from journeys throughout the West Indies, the United Kingdom, Europe, South America, and Mexico.  These voyages took place between 2011 and ended in 2012 during the end of the Mayan Calendar Celebration, all of which are high-lighted in his debut book, The Meridian Quest.


Image to left: The Quest, illustrated by Ordovich on mixed-medium.   Image Below: the map of the Greater Antilles on the back of an Eastern Caribbean 20 Dollar Bill, photographed by Ordovich.



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