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 Ludger Sylbaris's Dungeon Postcard by Ordovich logo stamp emblem West Indies
Sinner's Sanctuary, Ludger Sylbaris's Dungeon by Ordovich

The Dungeon that belonged to Ludger Sylbaris, the infamous “Man who Survived Doomsday!” In 1902, Mount Pilée exploded and a pyroclastic flow came sweeping through town frying 40,000 people at 1000 degrees Celsius. There was only one survivor: Ludger Sylbaris. Ironically, Sylbaris was a prisoner in a dungeon, with walls thick enough to shield him from the heat. Hot gas leaked in through air vents, so he ripped his clothes off, urinated on them, and stuffed them into the holes. Despite his efforts, he was severely burnt all over his back, arms, and shoulders. Two days later, he was rescued by a group of pillagers from a neighboring island. Sometime later, he left to the United States and toured the country with Barnum & Bailey circus as the “Man who lived through Doomsday”, showing us that even in the face of death, against all odds, we can still raise victorious… 


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