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14. Just One Thing

15. Evening's Terror

16. Wisdom of No Escape

17. The Preacher

18. Dance of the Frigid Night

19. Boot Camp Choir

20. Black Gold

21. Under the Burning Sun

22. Dice

23. New Chapters

24. The Duel

25. Revolution Boogie

1. Medicine Man

2. Foreboding Challenge

3. Quest for the Scarlet Sands

4. The Missing Pieces

5. Maguire at Work

6. ...& Thus They Roam

7. Letter to the Working Man

8. The Eve of Upheaval

9. Magical Caravan

10. Faded Photographs

11. A Matter of Time

12. Miss Eagle Claw

13. The Holy Messenge

..& Thus They Roam is a collection of the best work by Ordovich between 2008 and 2013, including tracks from Brothers of BellaUnder the Burning SunThe PandemoniumLegends of the Apocalypseand Magical Caravan.  

      A number of the tracks have been refurbished in 2013 for an improved dynamic, making this record an excellent introduction into Ordovich's World of Wonder.  



Ordovich, Album Cover, & Thus They Roam, 2013
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